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A Washington Travel & Passport Visa Services

Authorized by the US Department of State to Expediting your a US Passport 1-877-721-7678

Albania Apostille
Andorra Apostille
Antigua Barb Apostille
Argentina Apostille
Armenia Apostille
Aruba Apostille
Australia Apostille
Austria Apostille
Azerbaijan Apostille
Bahamas Apostille
Barbados Apostille
Belarus Apostille
Belgium Apostille
Belize Apostille
Bermuda Apostille
Bosnia Herzegovina
Botswana Apostille
Brazil Apostille
British Guyana
Brunei Darussalam
Bulgaria Apostille
Cape Verde Apostille
Cayman Islands
China Hong Kong SAR
China Macau SAR
Colombia Apostille
Comoros Islands
Cook Islands
Croatia Apostille
Cyprus Apostille
Czech Republic
Denmark Apostille
Dominica Apostille
Dominican Rep
Ecuador Apostille
El Salvador Apostille
Fiji Apostille
Finland Apostille
France Apostille
Germany Apostille
Georgia Apostille
Greece Apostille
Grenada Apostille
Guernsey Apostille
Guyana Apostille
Honduras Apostille
Hong Kong SAR
Hungary Apostille
Iceland Apostille
India Apostille
Isle of Man Apostille
Israel Apostille
Italy Apostille
Japan Apostille
Kazakhstan Apostille
Korea Republic
Latvia Apostille
Lesotho Apostille
Liberia Apostille
Liechtenstein Apostille
Lithuania Apostille
Luxembourg Apostille
Macedonia Apostille
Malawi Apostille
Malta Apostille
Marshall Islands
Mauritius Apostille
Mexico Apostille
Moldova Apostille
Monaco Apostille
Mongolia Apostille
Montenegro Apostille
Montserrat Apostille
Namibia Apostille
Netherlands Apostille
New Zealand Apostille
Niue Apostilles
Norway Apostille
Peru Apostille
Poland Apostille
Portugal Apostille
Romania Apostille
Russian Apostille
St Christopher Nevis
St Georgia South Sand Is
St Helena Apostille
St Pierre Miquelon
St Lucia Apostille
St Vincent Grenadines
Samoa Apostille
San Marino Republic
Sao Tome & Principe
Serbia Apostille
Seychelles Apostille
Slovakia Apostille
Slovenia Apostille
South Africa Apostille
South Korea Apostille
Spain Apostille
Suriname Apostille
Swaziland Apostille
Sweden Apostille
Switzerland Apostille
Tonga Apostille
Trinidad & Tobago
Turkey Apostille
Tuvalu Apostille
Ukraine Apostille
United Kingdom
Vanuatu Apostille
Yugoslavia Apostille
Apostilla y Legalización
Slovenia Apostille

Apostille Services Slovenia is a signature to the Hague Convention,
Please call us 1-202-234-4908: Authentication.
Apostille USA (Authentication & Legalization)
A Washington Travel and Passport Visa Services is a private agency that expedites your Authentication, Attestation, Apostille, Certification & Embassy Legalization requirements:
Note: Birth, Marriage, Death & Divorce Certificates may take up to 1-weeks. FOR Additional Fee:

Apostille Service Rates:
Notary Public: $5
Secretary of State: $15

Federal Documents:
US State Department: $8 (Federal Documents)
A Washington Travel and Passport Visa Services Fee
First Document $ 55.00.
Order form:

1 - Complete the order form:

Please forward the completed requirements as detailed above to:

A Washington Travel and Passport visa services.
Apostille Department.
13800 Coppermine Rd
Herndon,VA 20171.
Phone number 1-703-435-1422.
A Washington Travel and Passport visa services.
Apostille Department
1629 "K" St Suite 300,
Washington, DC 20006.
E-mail address
1- 202-234-4908.
Documents Apostilles and Authentications from the Department of State:
Our Services?

We will certify the documents from the Chamber of Commerce...
We will certify the documents from the Circuit Court...
We will certify the documents from the Secretary of State..
We will authenticate the documents from the Department of State...

We will legalize the documents from the Embassy in Washington, DC.
Legal Documents Services. A Washington Travel Passport and Visa has over 7 years of experience providing fast, reliable, efficient and secure document authentication - Legalization and Apostille Services...

24 hrs Apostille Services: