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Requirements to obtain visas to enter Kenya,
We provide expedited kenya visa processing. for U.S. Citizens, as well as for Canadians and other Nationalities.1-877-721-7678,
Passport Information:
U.S. Passport or passport of any other nationality, must have at least 6 months remaining validity from the day of entry into for which Visa has been applied for.
Kenya visa Washington dc
Kenya tourist visa:

Kenya Visa Information:
Passport information:
Valid Passport must have at least 6 months remaining validity
Kenya visa Application 1 One completed Visa Application Form, signed by the applicant:
 Order form:
Complete the order form 2  Complete the order form,
Kenya visa Application 3 Two Passport type photograph. 
Kenya visa Application 4 Copy of round trip airline tickets or itinerary.
Kenya business visa:
U.S. Passport, at least 6 months remaining validity.
Kenya visa Application 1 Oen completed Visa Application Form, signed by the applicant:
 Order form:
Complete the order form 2  Complete the order form,
Kenya visa Application 3 Two Passport type photograph:
Kenya visa Application 4 Business Letter: A business letter from the sending company in the US. The letter should be printed on the company letterhead stationery, addressed to The Embassy of Kenya.

Other Information:
US Officials or Diplomats traveling with Diplomatic, Official or Service Passport must bring an official letter from US State Department.
Officials or Diplomats of other countries traveling with Diplomatic, official or service Passport must bring official letter from appropriate Authorities or Embassies.
Copy of Green Card or I-94 or Work Permit (Except US National)
A letter from his/her organization explaining the purpose of his/her travels.
Business Visas allow you to attend conferences, workshops, seminars or discussions. It does not mean that the holder of a business visa is allowed to work in Kenya. Those who wish to conduct temporary business in Kenya lasting up to three months require authorization from The Director of Immigation Services in Nairobi (P.O. Box 30191, Nairobi Kenya) in form of Special Pass.
For more information on visa application and visa categories based on nationalities, please visit This website provides comprehensive details on all immigration services provided by the Department of Immigration of Kenya in Nairobi including but not limited to work permit, passes, citizenship, other immigration services and frequently asked questions (F.A.Qs)
Processing instructions.
Please forward the completed requirements as detailed above to:
Virginia Office:
A Washington Travel and Passport visa services.
Visa Department.
13800 Coppermine Rd,
Herndon,VA 20171.
Washington DC Office:
A Washington Travel and Passport visa services.
1629 "K" St Suite 300,
Washington, DC 20006,
E-mail address
1 - 202-234-4908.
Your application will be hand carried to the Embassy of Kenya. and is usually processed visa will take 5 to 6  days to process
Kenya visa Application- A Washington Travel & Passport Visa Services Fees:
Regular non-rush $98.00.

Kenya visa ApplicationKenya consular fees:
Processing Time - 3 & 7 business days
US-$53.00 For Single Entry - Tourist/Visitor/Business./Same Day/Next Day Processing.
US-$105.00 For Multiple Entries - Tourist/Visitor/Business./Same Day/Next Day Processing.

Kenya visa Application- Return Postage:
1. Fedex Overnight :   $30.00 - $35.00
2. Fedex 2nd Day : $22.00
3. USPS Express Mail : $18.00
4. USPS Certified Mail : $7.00 (2-3 business days)
5. UPS Next Day service $ 30.00,


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